Key Themes

The leading biologics manufacturing and quality executives across America will be gathering to examine the latest technological developments and strategic advancements affecting the industry.


Quality as a Culture

  • Establishing a quality mindset across manufacturing and operations
  • Examining the cost of compliance and striking a careful balance between quality and cost management


Capacity Management

  • Strategies in effective capacity utilization
  • The potential of contract manufacturing for capacity alternative and strategic manufacturing


Global Network Management

  • Developing a OpEx strategy across global operations
  • Managing international regulatory requirements and remaining compliant


Supply Chain Optimization

  • Effective supplier relationship management
  • Cold chain management


Collaborative Manufacturing

  • Effectively bridging the functions of manufacture, process development and quality
  • Strategies in knowledge management and technology transfer


Cost Reduction Strategies

  • Aligning quality and manufacturing to shorten development timelines
  • Impact of flexibility and SUS technologies on COGS


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